about me ღ

age 16
gender nonbinary, im looking into xenogenders but dont have a specific label as of right now
pronouns any but i prefer they, xe, or it
favorite color red + pink
favorite aesthetics angelcore, webcore, kidcore, scenecore, cottagecore
music i like mindless self indulgence, slayyyter, lemon demon, 100 gecs, melanie martinez
other interests ssbu, splatoon, my ocs

heres more, if youre still interested in me!

my main interest is gaming, i spend most of my money on games and theyre really easy for me to get hyperfixated on. im autistic, i got diagnosed with it when i was 6. i also think i might have bpd but im not diagnosed bc my parents wont let me get a diagnosis. i get really nervous around new people but if were friends then i talk a lot and im really clingy. my favorite game atm is splatoon 2!

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